Colorado Kids

Colorado Kids

Monday, June 13, 2011


WOW it's been a while!  I can't upload pictures because it says they are too massive!  We have a lot going on, all fun stuff. 

These are a few happenins, sayings and lovies going on with the Eriksens!

KAIDA-(6 AM runs over with deodorant) mama, are your boobies stinky? 
MALLORY-"Mom, you  know I am going to have to move out one day"
KAIDA-(Making a tent in the other room)-Mom, you wanna watch the news?  ME:  YA, I could I guess.  (Toy story 3 WAS ON)  KAIDA:  Well then shut this off, and watch the news!
MALLORY:  learned how to ride a bike!  the whole time she was riding she says to Justin and I..."I can't believe this is really happening!  I'm so proud of myself.   mom smile
KAIDA:  Tells everyone she knows how to ride a bike as well
MALLORY:  No matter what the penalty is...she tells the truth
KAIDA:  Told me she saw grandma and grandpa at the zoo
MALLORY:  "Mom, you are just the best mom I've ever had"
KAIDA:  "Mommy, you sad?"  ME: Nope, I'm happy how about you?  KAIDA:  I'm happy, if you are sad, I'll snuggle you. 

KAIDA:  Can't say her F's
Flipflops:  slip slops
Phone:  Sone
Funny:  Sunny
Fall Down:  Sall Down

I love being their momma.  Every day makes me smile.  Thank you for being little.  MWAH!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aunt Tina, Chris, Maddie & Andrew's Visit

This was SO MUCH FUN!  The Smutney's came to visit us in March, and it was just the best time.  Once again, we didn't do a whole lot, but dragging 4 kids under 5 doesn't make much sense.  Oh my girls love their cousins, all of them!  We woke up to muffins for breakfast outside, it was a gorgeous weekend, so we spent most of our time playing. 

This is Miss Maddie, sweetest little thing.  She is just hilarious, and so smart!  I just can't get over how much she can remember, and how she's usually thinking about 10 steps ahead.  So cute, I just love her. 

Maddie & Mal
The 3 princesses...The prince was off trying to find Griffin =0)
The girls just thought doing each others hair was the best, next to sleeping together in the bunk beds =0)


I took some pictures of the kids, not too many, but they turned out pretty cute!  

Kaida & Andrew just loved each other, it was pretty cute.  The picture really does say it all. 
This little guy is so so cute!  Aw, his smile is just adorable!  He is just a little lover too.  He gave me the biggest hugs, and kisses, I just love him. 

We took a hike up the Castle Rock, that was pretty fun.  Mallory and Andrew ran up the whole thing, Maddie and Kaida Kat, needed more help.  We had such a great time with them. 

One of my favorite parts about the trip is that Chris fufilled one of the biggest "honey do" lists ever!  He did so many things for me, I really appreciated that! 

Mwah Smutneys!  We love you!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kearney Trip-March 5

My Uncle Kevin & Deb always plan a trip for us all to meet up once a year, it's so great being about to see my family!  I just love them so much!   We met in Kearney on March 5.  We ended up going a night early, and we went bowling, so fun!
What a good daddy!  "This is how the ladies ride" never gets old.
Caleb and Grant, ah my adorable nephews!  I am in love with these guys!  I found out that Grant wanted his hair longer because "Justin Bieber" has his long =0)  But Justin B. cut it that weekend, so I don't know what G'man decided to do with it.  HA HA!  Growing up too fast. 

Baby LUKE!  You are sideways, but still so stinkin cute! Always smiling!
This was adorable!!!!  They loved each other.  Sophia sat up in bed and says "HEY DADDY, were best friends", ha ha!  it was great to see them together. 
This is my family, minus Lute,and Jeff & Kelly's family.  

My dad, Josh, Carol, Grant, Caleb & Luke, Jonathan (Jono), Sarah, Sophia & baby bop coming SOON, Seppo, Deb & Kevin.
This is everyone who could make it, Holy shmolly guacomole!  Mallory was not into the pictures, she just wanted to chase mister Caleb. 

AND this was at about at 10, right before Mallory headed up to sleep in grandpa Jims room.  Sophia and Kaida hung in there with the best of them =0)
Before we left.  sniff sniff.  Like I said, I really really adore my family, and everyone in it. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lou's visit & Scotlyn's Birthday Party-MARCH 2011

Lou came to visit us in February, it was a wonderful time as always!  We didn't do a whole lot, which is always the case, but that's ok.  We just hung out with the kiddos.  I didn't get any good pictures of when she was here, shoot!
 What a good grammie sitting in the top bunk of the bed listening to daddy read a book.

Then we helped celebrate Scotlyns 3rd birthday in March!  Whaaa hoooo!  She had a bowling party at a fun bowling alley in Palmer Lake. 

Kaida and the Birthday girl!

Then we went to her house for a CALLIOU party =0)  It was so cute, the girls had a great time together. 

Uncle Justin enjoying the party!

Happy birthday big girl!  We love you so much!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm potty trained!  AND I can dress myself....well I try to dress myself =0)

Proud of you Kaida KAT! 

Monday, February 14, 2011


I've been feeling kind of crafty lately.  Here are some of my Valentines day creations. 

 I saw this on a blog!  It was such a good idea, and so easy!

 I got this tray at Goodwill, painted it black and put fabric pieces behind it, looks springy, but I'm kindof thinking about painting it ivory and roughing it up.  The vase is from Goodwill too. 

The jars below I've stolen from my friend Ashley.  She is my crafty super momma Colorado BF, and I love her ideas, so I steal them :0).  She has cute glass containers on her counters filled with fun stuff, so I copied.  That's her cupcake holder too.

 These never ever stay full because they turned into potty training treats. 

 Good will, love it!  Vase with a topper on the kids table.  

 I had the girls make dinner for their daddy on Sunday night because he was leaving this week, and it was was the cutest thing ever!  They made a cake, and I let them pick the sprinkles (BIG MISTAKE)  Mal went first and did such a good job, then Kaida picked crunchy balls with a HUGE hole.  It was a bit crunchy needless to say =0).  Girls loved it

 Mal wanted to light a bunch of candles and eat in the candle light with her prince, ha ha!  They made placemats and Mal sprinkled candy on the table.  Not a good decoration for Kaida, she loves that candy.  She pretty much ate that for dinner.

Here are the girls Valentines.  I saw this on a blog too!  If I was on top of things, I would have sent them to all of their cousins & grandparents back in NE but I didn't have time.  SORRY! 

Happy valentines day everyone! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daddy Daughter Ball

Justin got to take both princesses to the ball this year, which was so exciting!  It was so fun watching how excited they were.  Mallory was explaining to Kaida for a good week, how "you get to jump off the stage to your daddy!, and you get to dance with your friends, oh Kaida it's so much fun"!  Sweet 

Here's a picture from last year...

And this year.. Aw, momma loves this picture.

 Kaida said, "i want one pony tonight momma, no comb", OH BOY.  Look at that pony, ha ha!  I just thought I would explain that one. 

 We had to do a last minute outfit change on Kaida Kat.  We got a foot of snow that night, so I had to send her in something that matched boots.  She found this scarf, and was thinking she was the big nacho =0)  She loved being a part of this!
 Daddy and Mallory.  She actually wanted me to curl her hair because she wanted to "be gorgeous for her prince".

Cousin Scotty went with her daddy too!  Nothing but loves =0)